PANT! Bengaluru Requires Some Oxygen Immediately

The number of oxygen-dependent patients is rising due to the Covid-19 pandemic.According to the oxygen banks, a 10-fold increase in demand for oxygen cylinders have been reported for both covid and non-covid patients.

According to KSN Shasthry, the General Manager of a big oxygen gas plant in Peenya, it is producing five to six lakh cubic metres of oxygen for almost 70 to 80 hospitals.

All oxygen suppliers, which supply oxygen to the hospitals, say that all oxygen-generating plants are producing oxygen 24×7 to cater to the need for oxygen for COVID patients.

He also reiterated that there are six oxygen gas plants situated on the outskirts of the city and each plant is working round the clock,but the plant also has limitations.The generation of oxygen cannot be increased. However, he has assured that they are doing their level best.

Some hospitals like the Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) Hospital have notified that they are running short of oxygen cylinders.As a consequence, they had to shift 23 covid patients to Bowring and Victoria Hospital.

According to Dr Jagadish Hiremath,CEO,Ace Suhas Hospital, the oxygen requirement for covid patients is increasing by 10-fold.Some of the patients who are in ICU are in need of high-flow oxygen devices,which means they need approximately 60,000 to 1,20,000 litres of oxygen per day. According to him, the supply can go dry, which can be life-threatening for covid patients.

Dr K. Sudhakar, the Medical Education Minister, recently visited KIMS and said that he was trying to direct the officials to other hospitals in the state to ensure that there will be adequate supply of liquid oxygen.

Not only this, he further tried to contact the Prime Minister PM Modi through a video conference to setup more liquid oxygenplants in the state.

Bengaluru was mainly depending on plants, which are located in Hosur”, said Dr Gunasekar Vuppalapati, CMD at GVG Invivo Hospital.

Covid patients need four times more oxygen than non-covid patients, as said by Dr Rajesh Mohan Shetty, the consultant of critical care medicine, Manipal Hospitals. So, the government has decided to regulate the prices if it is feasible at the state level, said Dr K. Sudhakar.

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